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Journal of Nanobiotechnology Rising Star Award 2022

Huilin Shao, PhD, National University of Singapore, Singapore

“For outstanding contributions to sensor technologies for molecular analysis and clinical translation of novel biomarkers”

Biography: Huilin ShaoNew Content Item is Presidential Young Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, and Principal Investigator, Institute for Health Innovation & Technology (iHealthtech), National University of Singapore. Dr. Shao received her BA from Cornell University, with a double major in Biological Sciences and in Physics. She completed her dual PhD (Biophysics) at Harvard University and PhD (Medical Engineering) from Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST). Her research focuses on developing integrated nanotechnology platforms for molecular analyses of novel biomarkers. She has pioneered multiple technologies to advance molecular diagnostics. Her work has been published in top journals such as Nature Biotechnology, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Medicine, Nature Biomedical Engineering, Nature Communications and highlighted in major reviews and popular news media. In recognition of her achievement, Dr. Shao has received multiple awards, including James Mills Pierce Award, A*STAR Independent Fellowship, NUS Early Career Research Award, the L’Oreal For Women in Science National Fellowship, Springer-Nature MINE Young Scientist Award, and Singapore Presidential Young Scientist Award.

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